VelaShape 3 Treatment for Post Baby Body in Singapore

Reclaim Your Before-Baby Body!
Experience a proven non-surgical alternative to liposuction

The Aesthetic Studio VelaShape for Moms VelaBabe
The Aesthetic Studio VelaShape for Moms VelaBabe

Pregnancy is a beautiful and joy-filled experience, but during the nine months of pregnancy your body undergoes dramatic changes and bouncing back to your pre-baby body can be tough. If you’re a mom struggling to restore your body after baby, you’re not alone! In a survey of 500 moms, nearly every mom agreed that their pregnancy had changed their body. Of that, 85 percent of moms identified their stomach and 47 percent identified their thighs as problem areas that they just can’t get back into shape after pregnancy.

The VelaShape 3 treatment contours and shapes the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference in as few as 4 treatment sessions. VelaShape has been cleared by the US FDA and provides visible results without downtime or significant discomfort.

"Moms are constantly juggling extra responsibilities and often put their own health on the back burner.  But even for women exercising regularly and eating well, it can be tough to tone certain areas post-pregnancy."

"VelaShape is an easy, effective way that my patients can get rid of cellulite and tone up.  Most of my patients find that VelaShape helps boost their confidence, too, so they can spend more time enjoying motherhood instead of worrying about their thighs or tummy. The VelaBABE promotion offers a great opportunity for women across the country to see what VelaShape can do for them!"

Lori Brightman, MD, Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York.


The Syneron Velashape™ Body After Baby Clinical Study Result

Experience a proven non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

The Body After Baby clinical study found that with five VelaShape treatments each spaced one week apart, patients measured an average circumferential reduction of 5.93cm (2.33 inches) on the buttock, 2.5cm (1 inch) on the thigh and 7.37cm (2.9 inches) on the abdomen area.

It’s generally accepted that new moms face a unique set of physical and emotional challenges once the pregnancy and childbirth process is complete. In a recent M/A/R/C Research Survey a sampling of 500 U.S. women who had a child within the last eight years showed:

  • How these women felt about their body post-pregnancy;
  • How these women felt about celebrity moms’ post-pregnancy bodies spotlighted all over the media;
  • What parts of their body are of most concern; and
  • What causes these body image concerns and lifestyle changes these women have made since having their child.

Key survey findings include:

  • 71% of new moms report that they feel less physically attractive after having their baby.
  • Women reported that even if they were able to lose some or all of their pregnancy weight, 88% could not get back their pre-baby stomach.
  • 48% of women add oversized sweaters and sweatshirts to their wardrobe after having a baby.
  • On average, women felt that they needed to lose two dress sizes to reach their ideal shape.
The Aesthetic Studio VelaShape Body after baby results 1
The Aesthetic Studio VelaShape Body after baby results 1
The Aesthetic Studio VelaShape Body after baby results 2
The Aesthetic Studio VelaShape Body after baby results 2
The Aesthetic Studio VelaShape Body after baby results 3
The Aesthetic Studio VelaShape Body after baby results 3

Frequently asked Question About VelaShape 3

Introduced in 2007, moms around the world have turned to VelaShape treatment through the first and only device approved to achieve cellulite and circumference reduction to tighten and smooth trouble spots that even diet and exercise can’t fix. With over 3.5 million VelaShape treatments performed, VelaShape treatment remains the leading choice by physicians as an effective treatment for cellulite reduction and non-invasive body contouring.


Unfortunately, there is no definite explanation of why cellulite occurs. Often times, cellulite is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. This may be true for some, but there are other reasons why cellulite occurs. It could be genetics or it can be due to hormonal changes, like what happens during pregnancy. One fact remains true: an estimated 80% of women have cellulite no matter what size, shape or weight they are. Click here to read more about causes of cellulite in our website.


The VelaShape 3 system is proven to effectively reduce cellulite and circumference of problem areas. To learn more about VelaShape 3, please visit


An ideal candidate for VelaShape 3 treatment is someone who eats right and exercises routinely with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 30. VelaShape 3 treatment is not a weight loss solution nor is it an alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction. During your VelaShape 3 treatment consultation, our doctors will advise if VelaShape 3 treatment is right for you.


All areas of the body can be treated where you feel you need tightening or smoothing. Most common areas for moms post-pregnancy are the lower abdomen, also known as the post-pregnancy pooch, saddlebags and buttocks.


Most patients find the treatment comfortable – like a warm deep tissue massage.


Results based on studies focused on post-pregnancy moms showed an average circumference reduction of 2.9 inches on the abdomen, 2.3 inches on the buttocks and 1 inch on each thigh.


VelaShape 3 treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colours. There are no reported short or long-term health side effects.


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