The Aesthetic Studio Combines Medical Expertise and Technical Knowledge with Passion for Artistic Creativity to Achieve Perfection


Our Values



Of beauty, of confidence, of the best version of what each person can be



Constant development.
Determination to achieve perfection.



Connection and understanding lead to compassion toward patients, team members and partners



Building trust with patients, staff and business partners through skill-led services, highest standard of safety, professionalism and honesty.


Dr Lee is the saviour of my skin! First went to him on the recommendation of my Friend who was his patient for advice on my face. I was starting to feel the signs of Aging taking its toil on my complexion - dull skin tone, enlarged pores, saggy skin etc. I was quite anxious as I always thought Aesthetic Treatments are for the much older age.

The consultation with Dr Lee was very reassuring and detailed, he was very knowledgeable and provided very good insights in addressing my questions, and I knew I was in good hands! Have been with Dr Lee ever since, and I never looked better! Everyone thought I was much younger than my actual age and complimented my good genes for Aging so gracefully. If only they knew my trade secrets!!
— Sandra
I just love how Dr. Lee treats all the different cases. I’ve relocated to Hong Kong 2 years ago, but I still fly back to Singapore regularly for Dr. Lee’s service such as the laser, botox, filler and all other treatments.

His particular and meticulous treatment with his professional approach makes you feel safe. He explains all the procedure thoroughly and tries to find the best solution for his patients. He is a trustworthy and professional doctor for sure. I love the nurses too. They are super sweet.
— Jae-Eun

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Our People

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Our team has been with the clinic for several years and have been trained regularly by the experts. They support Dr. Lee and are working closely to ensure your treatments are smooth and successful.

Speak to our team to arrange for an appointment or simply just asking questions. They are happy to help answering any questions you may have.