A commonly overlooked yet physically and psychologically scarring problem, acne is a long-drawn problem that commences at puberty and can drag on well into one’s 20s to 30s. Adult-onset acne is also common, commencing in one’s 20s to 30s and dragging on well beyond that. Caused mainly by accumulation of dead skin, bacterial infection and uncontrolled inflammation, acne is a rather well understood medical condition. Hormonal influences, genetic factors, and even proposed dietary influences are known to be the underlying drivers of acne in some too. Early intervention is the best solution - less acne translates to less scarring, saving you precious time and finances required in attempting to resurface those pesky scars later on.


Acne Treatments


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels consist of mild acids that, when applied to skin, promote controlled exfoliation of skin as well as inactivation of the sebaceous units responsible for breakouts.

Used as a complimentary form of treatment to existing topical therapy, chemical peels can quickly and effectively control most forms of acne.

3-5 sessions are typically required at 2 weekly intervals to bring acne under control, with subsequent sessions done every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.

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Carbon Peel

Using a specialised laser and a black carbon-based ink on the face, sebaceous glands can be targeted, bacteria killed, and mild exfoliation performed.

Sessions done at 2-4 weekly intervals can help keep acne bay while also helping to lighten any post-inflammatory pigmentation left by the acne and even reduce pore size.

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For the larger, stubborn and recurrent acne, the use of a highly selective probe to deliver high radio-frequency energy into the sebaceous unit effectively and permanently inactivates the gland.

This more permanent solution to acne allows for effective management of recurrent acne without having to resort to oral medication such as oral isotretinoin.

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Medical Facials for Acne Treatment

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Gentle Medical Facial 

Perfect for unclogging pores and reducing P. acne presence in the skin, our gentle medical facial includes a session of microdermabrasion, a light chemical peel and a session with the Omnilux blue LED light  - a perfect combination for comedonal acne. 

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Sciton Blue BBL

Harnessing the power of intense blue light, the Sciton Blue BBL therapy eliminates one of the contributing factors of acne - the bacteria, P. Acne.

Stronger than LED light, BBL effectively reduces acne while calming the state of the skin as a whole. 

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Optimised Acne Treatment Programmes


Acne elimination programme

Combining the benefits of lasers and acids, this customised programmes aims at eliminating existing acne, preventing further acne formation and erasing the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation formed by acne.  Skin is also renewed, texture improved and a fresh glow attained. With minimal downtime and side effects, this combination therapy is built to reign in those outbreaks.


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