Facial Aesthetic Treatments

Eye Aesthetic

Often the part of the fact to first reveal the signs of aging, eye rejuvenation is crucial to a youthful presence. Proper peri-orbital rejuvenation requires a fair blend of scientific judgement as well as artistic design. Using a combination of the following approaches, watch as your eyes give way to a more youthful and rested you.

Nose Aesthetic

Lying in the center of the face, the nose plays an important role in contributing to the overall harmony of the face. Its height, width and projection all play an important role in defining and emphasising facial characteristics. As the preference for minimally invasive procedures mounts, so do the number of techniques for non-surgical rhinoplasties. While there are some limitations to opting for non-surgical options, major concerns such as bridge height, bridge projection and nasal flaring can all effectively be managed with minimally invasive options.

Neck Aesthetic

Often neglected by many, the neck plays an equally important role in the projection of youth and beauty as does the face. Excessive loose skin, vertical and horizontal lines of the neck, and excess fat in under the chin all detract from the smooth contours and defined angles of the jawline and neck. Various non-surgical methods exist to counter these signs of aging and, when done diligently, can have dramatic effects on the overall aesthetic of the face.


Facial Sculpting

All faces are different, and hardly any truly fit the aesthetic ideal which we have come to appreciate. Whether one is considering the face in youth where asymmetries and poor harmony is the concern; or with the effects of aging, where sagging, jowling and volume loss is the issue, small adjustments to one's face can make for dramatic results. Many tools are available for intricate sculpting of the face and, when used together, can produce inspiring yet natural results. No two faces are the same, however, so a well talked through session before embarking on the treatment is key to understanding treatment options and expectations.

Medical Grade Facials

Maintain the effect of your aesthetic treatments with regular facial treatments that combines effective technology and serums in a relaxing and pampering treatments in less than an hour.


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