Concerns Around the Eyes

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Eye bags

Appearing as bulges beneath the eye, eye bags are due to herniation of fat between the eye and the bony orbital rim.

This can come with age or be present from young due to genetic factors.

Depending on its severity, these can be managed with:

  1. Dermal Fillers

  2. Radiofrequency or laser ablation

  3. Surgical enhancement

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Tear Troughs

The tear trough is an anatomical indentation sitting just between the cheek and the lower eye.

While considered a normal structure, this groove can deepen with age, accentuating the hollowing and lethargic appearance.

The main form of management of tear troughs is with the use of fillers - the hollow is filled subtly to blend the lid-cheek junction and smooth out any irregularities.



Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye circles - or the panda eye look - can be due to several reasons, including

  1. Thin under eye skin

  2. Visible vasculature under the skin

  3. Increased pigmentation

  4. Skin laxity and wrinkling

Management will depend on the cause of the discolouration, and usually involves a combination the following:

  1. Chemical Peels

  2. Lasers

  3. Fillers

  4. Radio-frequency tightening

  5. Ultrasound firming

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Double Eyelids

The desire for the symmetrical, prominent upper eyelid folds is a commonly sought after request. 

Options include

  1. Minimally invasive Suture technique

  2. Surgical blepharoplasty



Non-Invasive Treatment

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Lasers are used around the eye to

  1. Break down pigmentation

  2. Stimulate collagen and tighten as well as thicken skin

This is done to help with dark eye circles and deep set wrinkles around the eyes.

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Chemical Peels

Used in conjunction with lasers, chemical peels synergistically stimulate peri-orbital skin, thickening it while removing excess pigmentation.

This is done to help dark eye circles and lift wrinkles around the eyes


Ultraformer HIFU

Performed around the eye, hiFU stimulation tightens peri-orbital skin, creating a lift around the eye. 

This often works best in combination with other modalities like lasers and botox for a more prominent lift. 

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Minimally-Invasive Treatment



Known as the chemical brow-lift, botox temporarily and effectively lifts the brow with a few painless injections. 

This can help raise the eye brow, reduce upper lid drooping and give a fresher appearance.

Results are apprechiable from a week and last between 3 to 6 months before requiring a touch up.

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Hyaluronic acid fillers elegantly and effectively blend facial contours.

Used at the under eye and upper eyelid, eye hollows, tear troughs and eye bags can be carefully masked.


AGNES Radio-frequency Micro-needling

With specialised, partially insulated needles, the AGNES efficiently heats and tightens skin and reduces fat bulge under the eye non surgically - all with minimal downtime.

Some swelling and bruising can be expected, with results best appreciated after 3 to 4 weeks.

Mild eye bags require 1-2 monthly sessions, while more severe fat show will require 3 to 4 sessions.

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Thread lift

Bio-absorbable sutures provide an effective lift of the eye brow and its skin with minimum downtime.

Performed as an outpatient procedure, results are lasting and natural reproducable.


Invasive Treatment

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Surgical Enhancement

Surgical management allows for greater precision and versatility in management of both upper and lower eye problems.

While some may still opt for non-surgical alternatives, patients such as those with excess skin or expecting more drastic results will likely require surgical enhancements.

This allows for management of droopy lids, asymmetrical eye lid creases, eye bags and skin laxity. 


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