Skin Tightening Treatments


Ultraformer HIFU

High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) selectively stimulates various depths of the face with ultrasound energy. Using superficially focused energy, the upper dermis can be rejuvenated, pores minimised and skin tone evened out.

Comfortable and relatively efficiently performed, a session every few months is recommended to maintain that glow

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eCO2 Laser

Still the gold standard in deep wrinkle and scar rejuvenation, the carbon dioxide lasers provide reliable and potent rejuvenation capacity.

The laser heats  and peels superficial skin away, promoting deep collagen stimulation and evening out superficial overlying skin, tighten loose skin and eliminate wrinkles at the same time.

Several sessions are required at 4 weekly intervals initially, with maintenance sessions every 8-12 weeks.


Chemical peels

Used in multiple strengths, chemical peels have long been used to promote skin renewal and to strip away excess dead skin.

Chemical peels consist of mild acids which promote exfoliation and stimulate dermal collagen growth. This prompts a short downtime of 2 to 3 days of mild skin flaking and redness.

Initial 3-5 sessions are done at 2 weekly intervals, and subsequent sessions every 4-8 weeks for maintenance.

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Tighten and lift up loose skin with the use of bio-absorbable threads.

This minimally invasive procedure is done as an office procedure and provides both an instant lift as well as continuous long term rejuvenation and tightening.

New collagen is formed as the threads are dissolved, ensuring lasting results of up to 18 months after each session.

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Optimised Skin Tightening Programme


The Unparalleled Lift

Rejuvenate, revolumise and re-contour the face with this multi-step programme using HIFU technology, bio-absorbable threads and fillers.


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