Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Each treatment aims at restoring what time has taken away from the skin - replenishing volume, collagen, nutrients and suppleness.


Picoplus Picosecond Laser

The newest in laser technology - the picosecond laser - puts us at the frontier of pigmentation and wrinkle elimination. With 4 wavelengths of light, skin rejuvenation has never been better. Due to its rapid delivery of energy, treatments are safer and results more rapid than with the use of older generation lasers.

With little downtime or discomfort, witness as your skin is transformed over a period of several weeks to months - pigmentation and general skin tone lightens, redness is calmed, wrinkles eased and scars lifted.

Treatments are done every 2 to 4 weeks for the initial intensive period, with maintenance sessions every 4-8 weeks thereafter.

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Sciton BBL

A newer form of Intense Pulse Light, the Sciton BBL effectively rejuvenates skin by removing unwanted pigmentation and visible small vessels.

Sciton BBL Forever Young technology has also been shown to activate youth genes with regular use, returning your skin to its youthful, healthy glow.

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Chemical Peels

Used in multiple strengths, chemical peels have long been used to promote skin renewal and to strip away excess dead skin.

Chemical peels consist of mild acids which promote exfoliation and stimulate dermal collagen growth. This prompts a short downtime of 2 to 3 days of mild skin flaking and redness.

Initial 3-5 sessions are done at 2 weekly intervals, and subsequent sessions every 4-8 weeks for maintenance.

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Skin Boosters

Hyaluronic acid - the magnet of water - occurs naturally in the cells of our body. As time goes by, however, the ability of the body to remain sufficiently hydrated declines. We attempt to reverse this with the many topical moisturisers, but their efficacy is limited by its absorption through the skin’s natural barrier.

Skin boosters involve the use of purified hyaluronic acid, injected into the superficial areas of the skin. This delivers 100% of the product where it needs to be - in the dermis to hydrate, plump, refine and stimulate collagen production.

1 session every month is advised for the initial 3 sessions, with subsequent sessions every 3-4 months for maintenance.

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eCO2 Resurfacing

Still the gold standard in deep wrinkle and scar rejuvenation, the carbon dioxide lasers provide reliable and potent rejuvenation capacity.

The eCO2 laser heats  and peels superficial skin away, promoting deep collagen stimulation and evening out superficial overlying skin. With a downtime of 3-7 days of peeling and redness, the eCO2 laser is effective for more severe skin textural problems.

Several sessions are required at 4 weekly intervals initially, with maintenance sessions every 8-12 weeks.

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Nicknamed “The Healer”, Rejuran treatments involve the injection of salmon-derived DNA proteins (Polynucleotides). Its introduction into the skin has two main effects - increased cellular regeneration and increased mechanical support to cells.

Akin to providing cement and bricks to a partially damaged house, regular rejuran use ensures optimal health and structure of the skin.

Results are best seen after 3 consecutive monthly treatments, with maintenance at 3 to 6 monthly intervals.

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Medical Facials

Choose from a selection of Medical-grade facials to calm, rejuvenate and combat pigmentation. Combining several procedures including micro-dermabrasion, Sciton Broadband Light therapy, Omnilux LED light therapy, cryotherapy, enzyme peels and even Calecim® Professional serum, this selection of facials are perfect for those looking to pamper themselves with effective and comforting facials with no down-time.

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Skin Rejuvenation Optimised Programmes



Optimal Radiance

Utilising all 4 wavelengths of light of the Picosecond laser where necessary, bring out the best in your skin and eliminate any unwanted pigmentation easily and quickly. 

One session is performed at 2-4 weekly intervals.


Superlative Skin

In addition to the treatment in optimal radiance, rejuvenate the deep dermis with the use of the dual focused dots of the Picosecond laser.

This special lens concentrates the beams of the laser, penetrating deeper and strongly stimulating collagen growth and remodeling in the dermis.

Together with the use of the pigment lasers, this treatment allows for a complete textural and tonal rejuvenation

One session peformed every 4 weeks.


Skin Rehydration

Pamper your skin with optimal and frequent hydration. 

Three sessions done at monthly intervals, with maintenance sessions done every 3 months.


Skin Renewal Package

Harness the power of nature's building blocks and reverse those signs of ageing.

Three sessions done at monthly intervals, with monthly sessions done every 3 to 4 months.


Skin Renascence

Combine the power of hyaluronic acid hydration and Rejuran's age-reversing capabilities in this ultimate pampering package.

Three sessions done at monthly intervals, with monthly sessions done every 3 to 4 months.


Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation

Combine the powers of the different modalities for UNPARALLELED facial rejuvenation - Ultraformer for that tightening and lifting, Pico-laser rejuvenation and pigment removal, and skinbooster sessions to add that bit of glow and hydration.

Treatment plan will be scheduled during consultation.


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