Flawless Skin Treatments

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Skin Brightening

With top of the line equipment ranging from lasers to ultrasound devices, together with personally concocted chemical peels and injectables.

Lighten your skin tone and any pigmentation with picosecond lasers; rejuvenate with ablative lasers and chemical peels; and give your skin that extra boost and glow with our skin booster range.

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Poreless Skin

The natural breathing ports of the skin, pores have come under increasing scrutiny and and viewed with much vexation.

Tighten and minimise those craters with ultrasound and laser technology, and further constrict them with small doses of botox to achieve that smoother face you deserve.


Skin Growths

Skin growths are common and many of them benign. They are, however, unsightly and at times uncomfortable and itchy.

These include various forms of keratoses, syringomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, vascular growths, moles etc., and are removed in largely the same manner - ablation.

Using either radio-frequency or accurate CO2 lasers, lesions can be removed safely and efficiently.

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Medical Facials

Choose from a selection of Medical-grade facials to calm, rejuvenate and combat pigmentation. Combining several procedures including micro-dermabrasion, Sciton Broadband Light therapy, Omnilux LED light thearpy, cryotherapy, enzyme peels and even Calecim® Professional serum, this selection of facials are perfect for those looking to pamper themselves with effective and comforting facials with no down-time.

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Optimised Programmes


360 Poreless Skin Program

Combine the powers of the different modalities for unparalleled facial rejuvenation - Ultraformer for that tightening and lifting, pico-laser rejuvenation and collagen stimulation, and Botox to seal up the pores.

We recommend one pico laser monthly, one 2mm Ultraformer HIFU every 3 months and one Meso-Botox every 4 months.


Radiance Programme

Multi-modaility treatment with BBL and picosecond lasers to achieve that glittery glow you desire. One session is performed at 2-4 weekly intervals.


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