Tattoos, while easily placed, are much more complicated to erase. Existing therapies involve the use of nano-second Q-switched lasers, but treatments prove difficult with many requiring 2-3 years of repeated visits at 2-3 monthly intervals. Newer methods of treatment involve the use of newly developed pico-second lasers. These lasers, firing many times faster than conventional Q switched lasers, fracture pigments more effectively. In effect, treatments are more reliable, and total time required for tattoo removal can be shortened to less than a year.

Here at The Aesthetic Studio, we employ the use of the Lutronic Picoplus Pico-second laser for optimal tattoo removal; with 4 wavelengths of light at your disposal, removal of tattoos of varying colour and complexity just got easier.


Tattoo Removal Treatment


Tattoo Removal

With a high energy output, a wide range of precisely controllable fluence output and four wavelengths of light for increased versatility, the Picoplus Pico-second laser is optimised for tattoo removal and pigment management. 

Depending on tattoo complexity, 5-10 sessions may be required at monthly intervals for optimal clearance.

Combination with ablative lasers may be advised to reduce post-laser blistering commonly associated with tattoo removal.

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