Skin Aesthetic Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Skin aging is an inevitable process - one that is governed largely by genetic dictation but also highly influenced by modifiable factors. These modifiable factors are what we strive daily to manipulate to achieve the look that predates our true age. For those of us who are late to the game, nature and science have given us the tools necessary to reverse these changes.

Skin Tightening Treatments

Aging and repeat sun damage to skin reduces its elasticity and hold over the years. Restore that youthful suppleness and firmness with several procedures that target the skin at various depths for unrivalled results.


A commonly overlooked yet physically and psychologically scarring problem, acne is a long-drawn problem that commences at puberty and can drag on well into one’s 20s to 30s. Adult-onset acne is also common, commencing in one’s 20s to 30s and dragging on well beyond that.


Acne Scars

Poorly controlled acne can often result in disfiguring acne scars and large pores and a significant impact ones appearance and self-esteem. Keeping your skin well conditioned and preventing active acne breakouts is the best way to prevent future scars.

Flawless Skin

Our skin is a dynamic organ in a continuous cycle of death and replacement. The two, however, are often not in balance, and this is especially so as we age - the skin loses its regenerative capacity and looks progressively aged as it loses its suppleness; growths appear and create irregularities. Here at The Aesthetic Studio Singapore Clinic & Surgery, we understand the needs of the skin and our patients, and provide the following to maintain that healthy glow for all.

freckles & Pigmentation

Uneven and excessive pigmentation and/or brown spots give the skin a dull and aged appearance. Reversing pigmentation is possible, and with the state-of-the-art equipment and experienced hands at The Aesthetic Studio Clinic & Surgery, pigment removal has never been more efficient.


Medical Grade Facials

Maintain the effect of your aesthetic treatments with regular facial treatments that combines effective technology and serums in a relaxing and pampering treatments in less than an hour.

Hair Removal

Eliminate the need for messy and painful waxes, shaving and hair removal creams. At The Aesthetic Studio Clinic & Surgery, we use Laser and IPL/BBL photoepilation treatments for quick, safe and virtually painless permanent hair removal.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos, while easily placed, are much more complicated to erase. Existing therapies involve the use of nano-second Q-switched lasers, but treatments prove difficult with many requiring 2-3 years of repeated visits at 2-3 monthly intervals. Newer methods of treatment involve the use of newly developed pico-second lasers. These lasers, firing many times faster than conventional Q switched lasers, fracture pigments more effectively. In effect, treatments are more reliable, and total time required for tattoo removal can be shortened to less than a year.


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