Neck & Jawline Aesthetic Treatments


Ultraformer HIFU

Deep, focused ultrasound waves stimulate collagen growth and help to tighten overlying skin.

Loose skin is visibly tightened within 4 to 12 weeks of treatment and continues for months after.

Two treatments are advised every year for optimal results.

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Depending on the method of injection, botox can have several effects on the neck.

In the treatment of prominent vertical bands in the neck due to strong platysma muscle contraction, injection of botox into the bands can dramatically reduce its visibility.

In the treatment of jowling and poorly defined jawlines, the Nefertiti lift helps to redrape the skin for a more contoured jawline.

Treatment is at 3-6 monthly intervals.



A strong collagen stimulator, Radiesse acts as a long term filler and stimulator that can help to lift and reduce vertical lines in the neck.

Frequently used in combination with other rejuvenation therapies like HIFU,  Radiesse effectively lifts and reduces the unsightly lines of the neck.

Effects of a single treatment can last up to 16-24 months before requiring further touch-up.

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Thread lifts

Using surgical-grade suture threads, two problems of the neck can be effectively managed as an out-patient procedure.

Jawline: The use of smooth threads along the jawline causes a contraction that contours the jaw.

Neck: Using sutures with hooks or cones, excess skin along the neck can be stretched and re-draped to reduce sagging.

Threads are completely bio-absorbable and are replaced with collagen over time, thereby ensuring long lasting results of up to one to two years.

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