The Update Korean Fat Freezing Technology

Clatuu Alpha Cryolipolysis

Targets Stubborn Fat that Never Goes Away

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Clatuu Alpha: The Updated Fat Freezing Technology

Clatuu Alpha Targets Problematic Areas With Stubborn, Hard-To-Lose Fat

Proper diets and regular exercise is a definite way to a healthier lifestyle, but many of us still struggle with targeted fat loss in many areas. While surgery offers the quickest and most dynamic solution to body sculpting, the Clatuu Alpha finally brings to the table an effective, flexible and reliable solution to non-surgical targeted fat loss.

With its patented 360 degree cooling system and multiple applicators of varying shapes and sizes, targeted areas are optimally fitted and treated. Areas treatable include: double chins, inner and outer thighs, knees, love handles, tummy, flanks, arms, buttocks and back.


The Science Behind Fat Freezing

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 How Does Clatuu Alpha Work?


The fat targeted by the Clatuu Alpha lies in the subcutaneous layer - the layer of fat just beneath the skin that causes unsightly bulging - while sparing the skin.


The applicators suck up a portion of this tissue and cools it, crystallising them selectively without harming other tissue like the skin, nerves or blood vessels.


The layer of crystallised fats are broken down by the body and excreted from the system, permanently removing the treated fat cells.

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Remaining fat is less dense and can be re-treated after 4 to 6 weeks to further enhance results.


What to Expect During the Clatuu Alpha Treatment?

The Clatuu Alpha Treatment Process


Body assessment

Before meeting our doctor for consultation, our therapists will collect your medical information, take photos and measurement.


Doctor consultation to identify and marking of treatment areas

A consultation with our doctor will help identify your target areas, your concerns and to discuss the treatment plans that is most suitable to your objectives. The doctor will mark your problem areas before the treatment to guide our therapist.


application of matrix gel pad

A gel pad is place on your skin to protect the skin from the freezing temperature of the applicator.


applicator is placed on the targeted treatment area

The therapist will choose the correct application to the treatment area and placed on the targeted area ensuring the optimum results.


the treatment lasts approximately 40 - 60 mins

Once the applicators are in place, you can relax and enjoy other activities like reading a book, check your messages on your mobile devices or simply take a nap. After initial sucking and cooling sensations, you will be quite comfortable during the rest of the treatment time.


the treatment area is massaged

After the treatment is finished, our therapist will gently massage the treatment areas to break down the crystallised fat cells and improve circulations. Afterwards you can change and continue with your day.

 Cryolipolysis Treatment Versus Liposuction

 Non-surgical, minimal downtime alternative to Liposuction and traditional fat reduction treatments



  • Minimal discomfort during and after treatment

  • Non-invasive and minimal downtime

  • Works with specific parts of excess fat when patients are close to ideal weight but aim to loose specific pockets of excess fat

  • Gradual results over up to 3 months

  • Some patients may require repeated treatments to achieve targeted results


  • Invasive and more aggressive treatment

  • Can take up to 6 weeks for recovery

  • Requires anaesthesia

  • More dramatic and overall reduction body fat results

  • Suitable for reducing large area of fat and can improve over figure at once

  • More expensive

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Our Fat Freezing Treatment Programme is Different

A Combination of Fat Freezing and Infrared technology - known as “fire & ice” for a more effective fat reduction

Treatment with Clatuu Alpha cryolipolysis is an excellent non-surgical method for sculpting one’s body and shave off that excess fat. Results, however, can be optimised by combining the fat-freezing modality with heat-based radio-frequency devices, such as the Vela Shape III and enCurve - all of which are available too, at The Aesthetic Studio.


Our Body Contouring & Sculpting Doctor

Dr. Jonathan Lee Yi-Liang

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Dr. Jonathan Lee Yi-Liang is the founder and medical director of The Aesthetic Studio Clinic and Surgery. He has been in practice for over two decades as an accredited Surgical Specialist in Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery.

In 2007, driven by his passion in the rapidly evolving science of aesthetic medicine and his love for making people beautiful, Dr.Lee started The Aesthetic Studio Clinic & Surgery as an extension of his creative expression to help a person be the best version of themselves.

Dr. Lee is the consulting doctor for all Body Contouring and Body Sculpting treatments at The Aesthetic Studio Clinic & Surgery.


Clatuu Alpha Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful?

There is minimal pain with Cryolypolisis treatment. At the beginning, as the device start to cool the treatment areas, you will feel intense cold and pressure from the suction cups. After a few minutes, the treatment areas will be numb from the cold and the only feeling are pulling sensation. In general, patients can rest comfortably and can take on other activities like reading, checking their phones or simply take a nap. Afterwards, there could be some numbness and redness as well as feeling tender in the treatment areas but this will go in a few hours.

What are the difference between Coolsculpting and clatuu Alpha?

Clatuu Alpha and CoolSculpt are built in the same principle with slight differences below:

1) Clatuu Alpha works faster due to two reasons: the machine has two hand pieces which can target two areas at the same time and each hand piece has a 360° cooling system (versus two-side cooling in CoolSculpting) that delivers the cooling to the entire cup and in result removes fat cells more effectively.

2) CoolSculpting is approved by US FDA and obtained EU CE marking. It was introduced much earlier, hence been studied longer. Clatuu Alpha was developed from CoolSculting technology and have received MFDS or Korean’s equivalent of FDA certification for non-invasive replacement of liposuction.

3) Clatuu Alpha in general is less expensive than CoolSculpting treatment

Is Clatuu Alpha suitable for me?

Clatuu Alpha is suitable for those who are keeping healthy and active lifestyle but have some areas where healthy diet and regular exercise does not work, like double chin or love handles. Clatuu Alpha is designed to target stubborn fat in specific areas but not a solution for weight loss or overall fat reduction in overweight patients.

How many sessions do I need?

Each patient is different and our doctor will provide a treatment plan during your consultation. If needed, a repeat treatment can be done after 4 weeks. In the mean time, a massage therapy to stimulate blood circulation is recommended.

IS the treatment suitable for weight loss programme?

Fat freezing treatment is meant for body sculpting purposes, which aims to enhance the curve of the body, rather than for weight loss purpose. Ideally the treatment candidate should be close to ideal weight and uses fat freezing to remove hard to loose pockets of fat.


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* Mentioned trial price is for the first treatment and for new patient only. Please contact us for a full pricing information and arrange for free body assessments at The Aesthetic Studio Clinic & Surgery.

¹ Source: American Board Cosmetic Surgery website