Clatuu Alpha



A new generation of fat freezing

Proper diets and regular exercise is a definite way to a healthier lifestyle, but many of us still struggle with targeted fat loss in many areas. While surgery offers the quickest and most dynamic solution to body sculpting, the Clatuu Alpha finally brings to the table an effective, flexible and reliable solution to non-surgical targeted fat loss.

With its patented 360 degree cooling system and multiple applicators of varying shapes and sizes, targeted areas are optimally fitted and treated. Areas treatable include: double chins, inner and outer thighs, knees, love handles, tummy, flanks, arms, buttocks and back.


Science Behind Fat Freezing


The fat targeted by the Clatuu Alpha lies in the subcutaneous layer - the layer of fat just beneath the skin that causes unsightly bulging - while sparing the skin

Fat freezing.png

The applicators suck up a portion of this tissue and cools it, crystallizing them selectively without harming other tissue like the skin, nerves or blood vessels.


The layer of crystallized fats are broken down by the body and excreted from the system, permanently removing the treated fat cells.

Remaining fat is less dense and can be re-treated after 4 to 6 weeks to further enhance results.


What to expect during treatment:

  1. An initial tugging/pinching/suction sensation during the first 5 minutes

  2. A temporary cool sensation is felt for a few minutes as the applicator optimises

  3. The area undergoing treatment then becomes slightly numb and more comfortable during the rest of the treatment

  4. After the session, the applicator is removed. The underlying skin and tissue is usually hard and slightly red for a while. Our therapists will massage to help reduce this and improve the post-procedure comfort and lymphatic drainage of the treated area.


Optimise Your Results!

Treatment with Clatuu Alpha cryolipolysis is an excellent non-surgical method for sculpting one’s body and shaving off that excess fat.

Results, however, can be optimised by combining the fat-freezing modality with heat-based radio-frequency devices, such as the Vela Shape III and Encurve - all of which are available too, at The Aesthetic Studio.

Speak to our doctors to get a personalised treatment plan involving both modalities to get that body you so desire.