Facial Sculpting Treatments

Treatments here are listed individually, but due to the nature and limitations of the non-surgical approach, combined treatment often produces synergistic, optimal results. This will be discussed with you thoroughly during the consultation.



Options include hyaluronic acid fillers and long term collagen stimulators. Both can be used in experienced hands to properly sculpt, lift and rejuvenate.

  1. Mid-face Restructuring:
    Often the first area requiring restructuring, mid-face filling can have a dramatic impact on the Asian face and under eye area.

  2. Jawline Shaping:
    Sculpt the jawline to achieve the chiseled or slender contour you might have lost over time. The subtle change in the jawline can enhance either the masculinity or effeminate nature of the face.

  3. Chin Fillers:
    Increasing the projection of the chin produces a V-shaped face typically associated with a more harmonious look. This also tightens overlying tissue and acts as a structural support for the face.

  4. True Lift:
    Using small amounts of fillers at specific points, support important ligaments to get a liquid face-lift immediately and with no downtime.

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There are several ways of using Botox to help in sculpturing the face:

  1. Masseter Botox
    A wide jawline is common in Asians, and can be due to the bony jaw, the Masseter muscles, or the glands overlying the area. In cases where this width is due to non-bony width, botox efficiently and effectively narrows a jawline to give a soft, V-shaped lower face.

  2. Dermalift
    Small amounts of botox injected into the superficial parts of the skin creates an appreciable but subtle lift of the face, further enhancing the highly sought after V-shaped jawline.

  3. Nefertiti lift
    Injected into specific points along the chin and neck, the Nefertiti lift relaxes and re-drapes the neck muscles along the jawline to soften jowling and increase definition of the jaw.


Thread lifts

For patients with moderate amounts of sagging who require a better lift, suture thread lifts done once every 1-2 years can help in repositioning drooping fat and skin.

In the more aged face, a combination with fillers and HIFU often yields unrivalled results.

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Ultraformer HIFU

Using high-intensity focused ultrasound waves, heat is delivered to the deep layers of the face to stimulate collagen production and growth for many months after the procedure.

This provides a gradual and constantly improving facial contour and health.

Done once every 6 to 12 months, this provides the rigorous stimulation your face needs to combat the ailing effects of age.

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Facial Sculpting Optimised Programmes



Combining sessions of Ultraformer, botox lifts, fillers and threads, attain the lift you need to erase the years from your face.

Spread over the course of 4 to 6 months, this programme ensures you get the best outcome from all possible treatments.


The Sculptor's choice

Utilising all the tools available at optimal intervals to contour the face, sit back and watch as the face takes on an enhanced character and form. 

This programme is performed over the course of several months and ensures greater improvements with passing time.



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