How to lose stubborn excess body fat

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting and Fat Removal Treatment Options in Singapore

safe, comfortable and minimal down time treatments to sculp and tone your body and reduce or lose belly fat without exercise to the desired outcome under supervision of specialist surgeon doctor in a clinic located at mount elizabeth hospital, orchard


Our Range of Body Sculpting Treatments

Many of us wouldn’t say we are ‘fat’ but we do have parts of our bodies that collect excessive fat cells. May of us are especially want to lose belly fat or fat around hip, tights and buttocks. Having these areas of stubborn fat collection sometimes prevent us from being fully confident in how we look. Traditionally a liposuction treatment is the only available option, until recently a range of new technology has been introduced for non-invasive fat cell reduction to sculpt and improve the contour of the body for both women and men.

The areas that can be treated are specific based on our body type and needs. Our body sculpting specialist doctor will be able to recommend the most efficient and appropriate treatment programme for you including: reduce or remove belly fat, remove double chin, remove bra line fat, remove love handles, remove fat below buttocks, remove fat from outer and inner thighs, remove fat around the knees, reduce waist line remove arm pit fat.

Get Rid of These Excess Body Fat



Clatuu Alpha - Fat Freezing

The Clatuu Alpha finally brings to the table an effective, flexible and reliable solution to non-surgical targeted fat loss.

With its patented 360 degree cooling system, 2 treatment arms and multiple applicators of varying shapes and sizes, targeted areas are optimally fitted and treated.

Areas treatable include: double chins, inner and outer thighs, knees, love handles, belly, tummy, flanks, arms, buttocks and back.

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encurve - Fat reduction

Using a form of non-contact radio-frequency heating, fat can be broken down in bulk with minimal discomfort. 

The heat generated by the radio-frequency effectively and specifically destroys fat cells in the upper layer exposed to the heat, and the broken down fat is excreted from the body permanently over the course of several weeks.

Several sessions over several weeks are required for optimal results. Synergistic effects are seen when paired with VelaShape and Clatuu Alpha Fat Freezing treatments. 

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velashape III - Fat and cellulite reduction

Using infra-red light and bi-polar radio-frequency coupled with a vacuum assisted massage, velashape III effectively targets fat and the septae holding the fat together, breaking down fat and reducing cellulite.

Done as an outpatient office procedure, there is no downtime and return to work immediately post-procedure is possible. 

Several sessions over several weeks are required for optimal results. Synergistic effects are seen when paired with the enCurve treatment. 

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1440 NM laser Lipolysis

Used for higher definition and more precise sculpting, liposuction offers more versatility and efficacy in treatment. The procedure targets  the chin and neck area, the abdomen, flanks and hips.

Done in an outpatient setting, results are seen more rapidly though there might be a greater associated down-time.


Body Sculpting Fat Reduction Treatment Programmes

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Adipose cellulite Elimination Treatment

An optimised programme combining the benefits of both non-contact RF (EnCurve) and VelaShape, to melt fat and tighten loosened Septae causing unsightly cellulite. 

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Fire and Ice: Fat Freezing & Radio Frequency Combination Treatment

A combination of the ice - Fat Freezing and fire - Radio Frequency treatment, the excess fat is eliminated, resulting in a gradual gentle body transformation.



How Our Body Sculpting Treatments are Different?

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Under a specialist doctor supervision

Dr. Jonathan Lee Yi-Liang is the founder and medical director of The Aesthetic Studio Clinic and Surgery. He has been in practice for over two decades as an accredited Surgical Specialist in Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery.

Dr. Lee is an experienced surgical specialist with a passion for aesthetic medicine. Dr. Lee will provide a treatment consultation and design the most suitable programme for your body sculpting goals.


supported by a team of nurses and certified therapists

Our team of support staff are skilled and certified nurses and therapists who can perform treatments and ensure your comfort and wellbeing during and post treatments.

All our team members receive regular training and are up-to-date with the new technology and aesthetic treatments. Each of our team are also successfully obtain CPR certificates.


Convenient location in orchard

The Aesthetic Studio Clinic & Surgery locates in Mount Elizabeth Medical Center in Orchard area (next to Paragon Shopping Mall) and easily accessible from MRT stations or by taxi.

The proximity to the hospital gives additional comfort for our patients of complete medical facilities access at the door step of the clinic.


“As if you were on fire from within.
The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” 

― Pablo Neruda 

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