Stretch Marks Treatments & Programmes



Laser Resurfacing

Laser therapy using fractional eCO2 or picosecond lasers stimulate the dermal component of stretch mark scar tissue, thickening and tightening the thin skin over time. 

The eCO2 laser can also stimulate melanin production over the hypo-pigmented areas over time to blend the discoloured stretch marks.

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ultraformer hifu 

The Ultraformer HIFU takes advantage of highly intense focused ultrasound at multiple depths to stimulate the scar tissue, further tightening and improving the quality of the overlying skin.

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Collagen Induction Therapy

Making use of state-of-the art, low down-time therapies, this form of collagen stimulation can act as a substitute to laser therapy.

Combined with Ultraformer HIFU deeper stimulation for optimal results, erase those stretch marks as effectively as possible.


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