Facial Sculpting

In facial contouring, the aim is to achieve new, or restore lost, facial harmonic proportions. Depending on genetic factors, facial proportions are what make us unique; but attaining harmony in our individuality can help unravel the true beauty of one’s being.

Nose Augmentation (HIKO Threads)

Nose Augmentation.png

The nose, positioned in the very centre of the face, greatly influences the way in which we perceive the rest of the face. The height, projection, width and rotation of the nose all play a subconscious role in shaping the way we judge another’s overall beauty.

The Hiko thread-lift allows for non-surgical correction of nasal humps, raising of the nasal bridge or even the nasal tip. Done under local anaesthesia, discomfort is minimal and can be done in the clinic setting.  This method entails the insertion of bioabsorbable threads (PDO/PCL) that naturally dissolve in the body over a period of time. It is an alternative and adjunct to nose fillers, allowing for greater flexibility and safety  in treating the nose. Results typically last between 1 to 2 years. As nasal profiles are unique to each person’s face, a proper examination is recommended before undertaking the procedure.


The use of fillers in sculpting of the face involves a blend of artistic flair with rigorous scientific knowledge. By selecting the optimal type of filler and placing them where they count, subtle tweaks to facial proportions can be made and harmony restored.

  • Upper face fillers can be used to restore the natural curvature of the forehead, temples, and eyes.

  • Mid-face fillers, or cheek fillers, can help restore the natural youthful curvature of the mid-face. This creates a lifting effect on the overlying skin and can improve the appearance of eye bags, tear-troughs and wrinkles too.

  • Chin fillers create a sharper lower face, allowing for a more harmonious transition from one side of the jawline to the other. Combined with fillers for the jawline, a more structured jaw can be crafted.

  • Fillers placed in more superficial depths can help to lift nasolabial or marionette folds. Placed in the lips, they help to plump up and define the sinuosity of its structure.


Botulinum toxin, or botox, plays a very diverse role in medicine today. For the purpose of facial sculpting, botox of the Masseter (jaw) muscles on the sides of the face can reduce the size of the muscle, granting a more pleasant, acutely angled V-shaped face. Botox can also be used to reduce gummy smiles and nasal flaring, allowing more a natural and pleasant disposition of facial dynamics.


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