Restylane Lyft - The Liquid Facelift Filler


The understanding of our anatomy is dynamic and ever increasing, and new techniques for facial sculpting should be to.

Developed by well- known Taiwanese Plastic Surgeon Dr Peter Huang, the True Lift technique involves the use of minimal amounts of stiff filler to lift the face by supporting important ligaments. The ligaments are tauter and the tension to the overlying facial tissue increases, lifting sagging facial skin.

Using 5 key injection points per side, the result is a natural, rejuvenating lift that is noticeable but not overdone, even when the face is in dynamic motion.

Requiring only 2 centiliter of Restylane Lyft, the procedure takes 10 minutes and has no downtime.

This scientifically based technique offers optimal convenience, comfort, safety, and cost effectiveness.


How Does it work?

Tree structure RL.png

As the face ages, several key things happen:

  1. Skin looses its elasticity thins out

  2. Superficial fat might increase in volume

  3. Deep fat and bone atrophy, resulting in a loss of support for the upper layer of fat and skin

  4. Retaining ligaments of the face (that attach overlying fat and skin tautly to bone) loosen and lengthen, worsening tissue droop

Existing techniques involve targeting Points 1 & 3 with the use of lasers, radio-frequency devices, high intensity focused ultrasound devices, and deep volumizing fillers.

The True Lift technique, however, specifically targets the issue of aging and loosening retaining ligaments - Point 4.

Retaining ligaments, as seen on the left, originate deep from the surface of the bone.

The true retaining ligaments extend from the bone to the skin surface, holding all the tissue together. This tight hold creates the creases found around the face, such as those around the eyes, the naso-labial folds and the marionette lines.

Aging RL.png

What are the main targets of this technique?

True RL.png
Support to RL.png

The ligaments targeted during this procedure include the above named ligaments, with a single bolus of filler into each point, except the large zygomatic ligament where an additional point is required.

The filler is precisely placed below the armpit of the retaining ligament, thereby:

  1. Supporting the ligament and lifting the overlying skin

  2. Volumizes structures around the ligament lending to long term support

  3. Stimulates collagen release to help with tissue regeneration


Why Restylane Lyft?


The texture of Restylane Lyft is firm enough to provide support to the skin. Not all fillers are capable of providing the required lift.

This technique requires special fillers with need a high G’ - they must resist pressure well and be able to support the overlying ligament and tissue. The filler of choice for this include the Restylane LYFT, a high G’ filler with patented NASHA technology .

Do ensure you are being given the appropriate filler for the appropriate procedure!


What can I expect after the procedure?

Before after.png

Unlike other techniques, results are seen immediately after the procedure in correctly selected patients:

  1. Lifting of the lateral eyebrow

  2. Lifting of the sides of the face

  3. Reduction in the nasolabial folds

  4. Reduction in the Marionette lines

Results to tend to improve over the course of 2 weeks before the final result as the filler integrates with the surrounding tissue.


Is there any downtime?

Practically none! The sites of injection are largely free of large vessels so bruising is rare. A small puncture site from the small needle might be there for the rest of the day, but nothing major that might stop you from returning to work or play immediately.

Am I right for this procedure?

Patient’s who will benefit most from this procedure are those with minimal to moderate amounts of facial tissue.

Individuals with too heavy cheeks might not see too significant a change and might need other techniques to produce better results


Make an appointment today to see if you can benefit from this convenient procedure!