Aesthetic Treatments: Why “Patient Safety” Matters

Aesthetic treatments are a form of medical treatment, and should be considered with the same amount of deliberation. After all, you wouldn’t choose a LASIK clinic or get a nose job after simply browsing a few websites – so why should your choice of aesthetic specialist be any different?

Why your choice of aesthetic clinic matters

Our professional team of specialist surgeon, certified nurses and therapists

Our professional team of specialist surgeon, certified nurses and therapists

While aesthetic treatments are considered to be safe, there are situations that may require a medical professional to be on hand.

One example took place in Singapore during the first half of 2019, when a woman went into cardiac arrest after receiving Botox injections. Although it was determined that the cause of the cardiac arrest were a set of pre-existing medical conditions that the woman had (and not the Botox treatment), such cases highlight why your aesthetic specialist (and the team at the aesthetic clinic) should be qualified medical professionals.

You should feel assured that in the (unlikely but possible) event of a medical emergency, your well-being is in safe, professional hands.

Also, choosing a professional team ensures that your aesthetic treatments will be performed with the highest standards of safety and quality in mind. Your results are also likely to be more efficient and longer-lasting.

The Aesthetic Studio: The professional difference

At The Aesthetic Studio and Surgery, we’re proud of our professional facilities, services and most importantly, our trained team. We are dedicated to realising your aesthetic ideals, and these are what set us apart:

Emergency Life Oxygen Pac

Emergency Life Oxygen Pac

A professional medical team, led by Dr. Jonathan Lee Yi-Liang

Dr. Lee is an established consultant surgeon and a leading aesthetic doctor who specialises in aesthetic and rejuvenative medicine for the face, skin and body.

He has been an Advanced Trauma Life Support course instructor at the SAF School of Military Medicine, and is also certified in advanced cardiac life support. Additionally, Dr. Lee has worked in emergency rooms and performed emergency surgery - so patients can be assured that he is well-equipped to handle unexpected situations, should they arise.

As for the rest of our team, we are staffed by licensed nurses and even our support crew (like our receptionist) are CPR-trained and accredited biannually. You can rest assured that our emergency medical skills are up to standard.

Access to life-saving drugs

Our clinic has stock of potentially life-saving drugs, such as adrenaline, atropine, promethazine and others. More importantly, our doctor and clinical staff (that includes licensed nurses) have the medical expertise to administer these drugs efficiently and safely.

Robust emergency protocols

We take patient health very seriously and run emergency drills every 3 months to keep our staff well-trained and capable of handling emergency situations. All staff members are able to identify issues, locate drugs and other emergency equipment to treat patients quickly and in a well-coordinated manner.

3 minutes away from A&E

In-clinic life-saving defibrillator

In-clinic life-saving defibrillator

Our locations at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and Parkway East Medical Centre do more than speak for our level of medical professionalism, they also mean that in the event of an emergency, patients are less than 3 minutes away from the accident and emergency (A&E) department of one of Singapore’s best hospitals.

Additionally, all our treatment rooms are wheelchair-accessible for quick and safe patient movement.

Stringent safety procedures

Our medically-trained staff (of registered nurses) are well-versed with sterility standards and procedures used in hospitals across Singapore – and we have implemented those same standards here. We take patient safety very seriously, and this starts with the hygiene standards in our clinic.

Curated products

We are very stringent with product safety and every product is personally curated by our doctor, before it is used at our aesthetic clinic. They are transported to our clinic in ideal temperatures and conditions to protect the integrity of each product’s contents.

Further, the products used are tailored to each individual patient – not just the treatment. Our doctor ensures that the products recommend work well for each patient’s needs and are safe for their long-term well-being. Every product we carry has received FDA, KDA and/or CE Mark certifications and are approved for use by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

Your health matters

We highly recommended doing your research before choosing an aesthetic clinic that’s right for you. You can’t put a price on safety, so look beyond the price tag and place your health first. You should be completely confident in the professionalism of the doctor and team of licensed nurses that will be taking care of you – so you can look and feel good, both inside and out.

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